Monday, June 8, 2009

The Night I Stopped Dreaming

It has been our Saturday morning routine- we would open our eyes, not to get out of bed, but have our morning talk. In a marriage that’s so young, as the years add up, we won’t run out of stories to tell.

That particular morning, I turned to him, finally admitting in a whisper, “I stopped dreaming.”

My past has gifted me moments of pain and sacrifice... hurt after hurt... even before I healed. So I would close my eyes each night, not to go to sleep... but to paint dreams. They were vivid... clear. Pixel by pixel, I created my tomorrow to be better.

In the daytime, I’d count the hours, anticipating every nightfall. So I could again escape to a happier place I’d sketch in my canvas.

Until the night I stopped dreaming.

Has my well of dreams gone dry?

That morning, it occured to me...

The night I stopped dreaming, was the night we started thanking.

With him, the daybreak had come.

Monday, June 1, 2009

6 Things That Make Me Happy!

The Baffled Blogger tagged me to list 6 unimportant things that make me happy. I'm thinking random, unimportant, little simple things that make my day. I'm thinking of finishing it in less (way less than 6 minutes).

  1. haagen dazs coffee ice cream

  2. duck down pillows and duvets

  3. dolce & gabbana light blue

  4. cheese (yes, even without the wine)

  5. browsing archived photos

  6. a new dish and/or a new dining experience

Because I wanted to finish it in less than 6 minutes, please let me tag YOU!

Yes YOU! In case your following/lurking/stalking and you happen to drop by my online thought bucket with 6 things in mind that make you happy, please grab the tag, post your 6 things then leave me a note. I would love to go check out your blog too!

I was such in hurry I forgot to post the tag. Ha! Here ya go: