Friday, April 24, 2009

And the Search Goes on for My Perfect Girly Bike...

I want a bike. Not just a bike. I want a girly urban bike. Dainty, pastel, long slim handle bars, rattan basket... the whole shebang. Good for my heart. Good for our earth. I have scoured the city for my perfect girly bike... to no avail. : (

On this side of the border, people celebrate outdoors once the mercury hits 20degC (77degF). In spring. Tomorrow's forecast is giving me the itch to continue my search for my perfect girly bike.

You see what pains me, with my height, the only bike that fits me... is nothing looking like this:
Why oh why are these bikes not deigned for a girl standing 5 feet tall? I can't bike with my stilettos on!

Can I?


  1. Better be careful...I have a girlfriend who wanetd a girl bike and wore her skirt while riding it. She wrecked her girlie bike in her girlie skirt.

  2. thanks... i'll keep that in mind! :)

    i actually found 'the' bike. good thing never rode it in a skirt.

  3. LOL! You can do anything in stilettos!

  4. Oh my gosh you express my thoughts exactly! I am looking for THE perfect girly bike too!


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