Monday, April 13, 2009

MY HOT BUY: The Netbook

I have a love-hate relationship with my Notebook. I think I'd dump it for a Netbook in a heartbeat.

Three laptop computers in a two-head household seems impractical at the moment. But it hasn't stopped my going back to Best Buy time and time again. There's only one reason why I'm salivating over this Netbook - It's computing portability at its best (so far). I love my bags and I love-hate my Notebook. Having a computer in my bag, without actually feeling it in my bag.... and that's my perfect Christmas morning!

I totally get that in order to achieve such small geometry, functionality will be compromised. It is underpowered, it runs on last year's technology, and it doesn't have a dvd drive. But since this wife in stilettos have mediocre personal computing needs (and Vista has its way of getting to her nerves sometimes), I think it would suit her just fine.

Any regretful Netbooks owners out there?

Some technical specifications:


  1. Hmmm.. seems like a very good idea.. but are netbooks affordable now?

  2. another thing that appeals me about netbooks is that they're relatively affordable. they're in fact called the poor man's laptop... :)

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