Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How I Cut Our Electricity Bill in Half

I simply made it a practice to unplug (not just switch off) appliances when not in use. When they are still plugged-in, even if you push the remote off, they consume stand-by power.

But since unplugging so many appliances before I leave for work became tedious, I got me surge suppressors (some call it surge protectors). Put simply, it looks like an extension cord with a switch, so I use them in areas of our home where I can plug together idled appliances. I have one in our living room- where our tv, home theatre system, wii and cable receiver are all plugged in; one in our bedroom- for our tv, dvd player, and cable receiver; and one in our office table- for our modem, wireless router and printer. My surge suppressors not only protect my appliances from voltage transients, it also made unplugging a whole lot safer and easier for me. Because rather than unplugging X number of appliances directly from voltage outlets, I simply turn off three power switches.

Good for our wallets. Good for our earth. Let's make everyday, not just today, Earth Day.

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