Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello Acne!

I can trace a constellation on my face!
I think it's silly that in all 28 years of my life, it is now that I started having breakouts.
Shouldn't these have sprouted when I was pubescent or something?
Or when I barely got enough sleep in college?
Or during the days when pollution showered my public commute?
I know... I know.... adult acne...
I can do away with no make-up then.
Now I'm investing on good concealers.
I've been silently sour.
Because once I blog it aloud, I'm admitting it must be true.
Now here goes the rambles.
Cuz seriously...
In a couple of years from now, I'd be thirty you know?
So why now?


  1. :( get some paw paw cream on it!!

  2. That's funny, I am having my first-ever terrible break-out now too. I am 26 years old, with acne. I had clear, beautiful skin all through my teens, which (yes, pity me) makes this all the harder to deal with. So, yeah, I feel ya girl.

  3. If you have combination skin, use an avocado and oatmeal mask every morning or night. It gets rid of the oil on your skin and really dries them out. Otherwise take the pill, or go see a dermatologist and get some anti-biotics. They can work.

  4. Me too! I'm 25 and have worse acne now than's really bad and super annoying. I use masks and stuff sometimes, but I long for the skin of my teens, sadly enough. Just found your blog through 20sb! I'm in the GTA as well!

  5. I hate spots - and I still get them... which is madness as I've just turned forty! The upside is that lines and wrinkles stay away a lot longer - something which you'll be glad of when you reach my age!


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