Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Accept? Decline?

It's funny how portable electronic systems
Otherwise known as laptops
Can bring huge distance
Between two people
On one couch.

Shall I ban laptops at home?
Because if I could bring in modular walls
And an electronics lab
The ambiance we got going now?
Perfectly suits our office.

Except that he's gaming.
And I'm facebooking.
But still.
The space. The laptops.
The cliche.
So near yet so far.

I should come up with an appropriate way
To break this silence.

Bing (bright idea)!
I am sending him an appointment request.
Through email.
In his outlook calendar.


American Idol. In 5 minutes.
Accept? Decline?

Your Wife in Stilettos


  1. Haha, that's exactly me and my boyfriend. Love the meeting request idea!

  2. Hahaha, so cute. Technology is great, but it can definitely get in the way of face time. Great idea :)

  3. Very cute! I sometimes look around, for example on the train platform, and see strangers standing practically shoulder to shoulder in their own worlds, gabbing away on their cells. And, I wonder "what if all those people put their cell phones away and actually spoke to the person standing next to them." Technology connects us, but at the same time it puts us into silos where we only get the information we request, keep connected to the people we know, etc. Where's the spontaneity of life gone? The thrill of learning something or meeting someone unexpected?

  4. -K @ Blog Goggles: Sometimes it's silly, right? If this is how it is in modern coupledom, it's not so much fun (sometimes)!

    -Children of the Nineties and M.J.: Pros and cons... always two sides, right?

  5. Aww, that's so cute! It's like the whole sitting in Starbucks and not talking to a soul cus everyone is on their laptops!

  6. oh man i agree! thats how josh and i were and then we made an agreement that if we were on the computer it would be together. its made things much better!

  7. happens to me alot. got a AIM from the man sitting on the opposing couch to me..."hi there, can I have the remote? " neccessary??

  8. I am reading this out loud to my husband right now. It's so perfect you have no idea!

  9. LOL...we fight about the computer all the time...The role of technology has taken over the role of humanity...What ever happen to coming we IM eachoteher?? wtf!!! great post!!!

  10. when you guys we're still in the RCSC compound, you're upstairs, he's on a phonecon least now you're on the same floor. I miss the geek and his stories of you! Got a lot of cathing up to do - pag balik nyo! - eld


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