Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Me & My Geek!

When I was under the university spell, I fell for the bad-boy type. The one who swept me off my feet with the grandeur-of-it-all type! Entering the corporate bandwagon did me a complete 180. Until now, I couldn't find anything in common between the college-ex and the husband. Not that there should be any level of comparison. I'm just saying...

Yesterday's Three Takes episode on dating geeks had me jumping up and down. And I thought I was the only one drawn to geeks! Because apparently, geeks are chic! So I must not have fallen far behind.

My husband, actually, is not a geek geek, if I may say. I just found his strong engineering judgement and ethical management techniques admirable. Who wouldn't? He was the youngest engineering manager, he made the best reports, he supported the most difficult products, he executed the most challenging analysis, and he was looked up to by the newbies... like me, not so long ago.

And when a person who is known for his articulation, stutters, stammers and loses composure because you appear before him like his perfect Christmas morning, wouldn't your heart just melt?

Sure there may be geeky, superficial, shallow gaps here and there... but that's just what it is... superficial... shallow... some pop culture-influenced gaps in this materialistic era. They're of no importance to me. In fact, those vulnerabilities increase my fondness of him so much more (now if I could only send this blog to that person who had the most ghastly things to say about my engagement...)!

Because truly, after going beyond what the eye can see, I wouldn't trade anything in the world for my geek. Because when geeks love, they love so deep! And beneath my surface, I too, am some sort of a geek.


  1. Aww, that's so cute. Love is love, and no one should question it, I'm glad you found your geek!

  2. I am definitely drawn to "geeky" people. My man is a DJ, techno-dork and many of my friends are scientists and IT people. Maybe I'm a "geek" too....

  3. awe... that's really sweet.

  4. I have also given you an award: http://fab.typepad.com/brunette/2009/05/award-1.html

  5. well i just noticed you recieved the same snazzy award i did, but i gave you the same one margarita did! twice the love!

  6. i was just looking through your page, thanks for being my friend on 20somethings!
    p.s. your dress was gorgeousssss


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